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The Our Environment website is a Land Atlas of New Zealand.  It provides you with free online maps and reports illustrating various aspects of the land, land resources and landscapes of New Zealand including land use capability, land suitability, vegetation, surface geology, erosion, ecosystems such as forests, wetlands, grassland; and protected land. Our Environment eliminates the need for desktop geographic information system software, or advanced technical expertise, by processing and presenting data for you.

Our Environment can be used to views maps, query features shown on the maps, and follow links to explanatory information. With a thematic focus, it has been designed to be usable by non-experts, although experts should find it of value too.

Landcare Research is the custodian of a number of nationally significant biological and land resource collections and databases. Increasingly these data are being made available on-line. Our Environment is one such service providing individuals working in regional and central government, business, research and education with quick and easy access to maps of aspects of the New Zealand land environments and environmental data. The Our Environment website was originally created as part of the government-funded Spatial Information Programme run by Landcare Research.

The Our Environment website is the second portal within a growing portfolio of online services that make up scinfo.org.nz, a new repository of authoritative New Zealand science datasets and information. It is has been created in response to a growing expectation that government and publicly funded science data should be readily available in authoritative human and machine readable forms.

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scinfo.org.nz is being developed and operated by the Informatics Team at Landcare Research. We are a team of 25 data researchers, software developers and system engineers with deep experience in managing specialist science data resources and using them for our research and to support natural resource policy and management. We have particular specialist knowledge of geospatial datasets, data and satellite image analysis, taxonomic data, laboratory data and web-services. You can find out more about the Informatics team on our blog.


This site makes use of Silk Icons. Silk Icons are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.

This site makes use of the Map Icon icon by Paomedia which is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Licence.

Our Environment is built on a software platform made up of open source components including Ubuntu Server, Postgres/GIS, MapServer, Mapcache, Berkley DB, GeoTools, GDAL, GEOS, GeoExt, Openlayers, D3, and Mapfish Print. 

Visit the OS Geospatial Foundation for more information about open source geospatial software.



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